Have Yourself a Holiday Man.

Fsnosegrind4thstwebMax once told me that if he could take a holiday anywhere, it would be the great land of Jah, Jamaica.  Fs Nosegrind.  Have a Holiday man.

180nosegrindcourthousewebbsnosebluntmiadledgewebbsflipbanannaledgewebMatt once told me that if he could take a holiday anywhere, it would most definitely be the land of Bjork, Iceland.  Fs 180 Nosegrind / Bs Noseblunt / Bs Flip.  Have yourself a holiday man.

Katzenliebhaber Matt Nordness

Above, a bit of semi unreleased BMAN footage that was languishing on my Youtube account.  A couple of years ago he wanted me to edit together all of his best clips so he could try to get sponsored by Monster Energy and Skull Kandy, but it didn’t work.  I still think its pretty cool skating.

My all time favorite Youtube comment about the BMAN!

BMAN’s favorite movie!!

The Katzenliebhaber himself!

Matt Nordness in VHS

Please sample and enjoy the skating stylings of Matt Nordness from our brand new skate movie “VHS”. If you find the skating to be acceptably exciting please consider buying the rest of the video on DVD. Details below.
About the DVD:
Main Feature Run Time: 15 Mins
Bonus Material: 60 Mins – Web Clips 2010-2012
Only $8.00, postage included!!

Postage is included in price!
If ordering outside of the USA please email us first to so postage can be calculated.
Available at these fine skate shops:
Milwaukee Area: Phase 2, Sky High, Cream City
Chicago Area: Uprise, FA Skateboard Shop
NYC: Labor

Bears: The Ultimate Players of The Animal Kingdom

My friend Pat Murphy is really excited about that new Disney movie about bears. It just so happens I am too. Here’s a post we put together, dedicated to our favorite animal!

bssmithskyhiledgeweb bstailslideorangebobanwebMatt “Kodiak” Nordness, One of the two largest Bears. Feels nothing but enjoyment while showing his dominance over his prey. Bs Smith/Bs Tailslide

vincebs50fs180domeswebVince “Qinling Panda” Stranc, A generally smaller species of Panda Bear, but is known for his quick agile skill set when he needs it most. Bs 50-50 Fs 180

kickflipwardbumpwebBrett “Polar Bear” Weinstein, An overly aggressive species that is easily angered. This species is known for making the most out of it’s surroundings. Kickflip

boardslidebayviewhiweb ollie3rdwardbenchwebMax “Giant Panda” Murphy, A Playful Bear, but is highly capable of anything he puts his mind too. Boardslide for the Lutz/Ollie

stemp180nggermanDanny “Himalayan Brown Bear” Stemper, Thought to be the source of the legendary Yeti. Known to show it’s aggressiveness even when unprovoked. Fs 180 Nosegrind

fakieollie4thwebChase “Koala Bear” Hopper, A very smart bear, becomes more agile and creative as it gets closer to it’s later years. Fakie Ollie

lawyeruptshacfTyler “Kermode Bear” Schaffer, One of the only white bears still left in the black bear family. Lawyer up, bro.

Players Of Thrones: Summer Is Coming

Some of us over here at WIskate are huge Game of Thrones fans, since the season 4 premiere airs this Sunday night, my first post this year will be a tribute to my favorite series including some of my favorite skaters.

bslipslidewarmemnewewbChase “Bran Stark” Hopper, saw himself executing this BS Lipslide through the eyes of the dire wolf while in a deep sleep a few winters back.

bs5050bobangeowebDrew “Jorah Mormont” Rickaby, will do anything to protect his queen, even if it means conquering an Orange Boban with his beloved BS 50-50.

ollieover5050newwebVince “Tyrion Lannister” Stranc, ollies over this rail to 50-50 despite consuming all the wine and Shae he could handle the night before.

cornerpocketestanewebPat “Jon Snow” Murphy, overcomes being called a “bastard boy” his whole life and goes corner to corner pocket as part of the night’s watch at Estabrook.

5050bobangeowebNick “Theon Greyjoy” Mistele, is an Iron Born, it is his duty to 50-50 this Orange Boban warrior with great power, but at what cost?

180nosegrind5thwardwebMatt “Joffrey Baratheon” Nordness, The lord of the seven kingdoms shows his ruthlessness with this 180 nose grind, Sansa looked on in horror.

That Looks Better Than I Thought It Would

Sometimes as a victim of circumstance one must take skating photos instead of making skating movies.  Today was one such day.  The day wasn’t so long as to provide enough content for one post, so there are also a couple of older photos included to extend the duration of this internet posting.

Here’s a production still from the set of Nocember: The Gargon files featuring Nick Mistele doing a Frontside Boardslide pop over to fakie.

Matt “BMAN” Nordness with a switchstance backside lipslide.

Micheal “Big Shits” Al Wathiqui doing a frontside lipslide.

Drew “Rick Nasty” Rickaby performing a backside tailslide.

Matt “BMAN” Nordness in has natural bump to bar habitat doing a frontside ollie of exactly one hundred and eighty degrees.  It is kind of hard to see here that he has chosen to start wearing a mustache as prescribed by his long running Nordness family tradition.  I.E. “The Heirloom – The MORT”.

BVE PODCAST EPISODE #8 Tim Olson and Eric Risser

In this Episode I talk with Tim Olson, Eric Risser, Gabe Chan and Nate Joski about the filming,making, and reaction to the Tim and Eric skateboard parts. These parts have taken on a life of their own attracting a wide audience inside and outside of skateboarding. We discuss why there is both a positive and negative feedback about the parts as well as creativity in skateboarding. Mixed along side these themes Tim and Eric share stories about Drunken Juggalos, Squirrels dropping nuts on Eric, The Beez Videos, Why Mom’s and Steam Punks love Tim and Eric, Nate’s inability to keep up with Nate Broussard, Comments from Youtube, and more

TimandEric (1 of 5)

TimandEric (2 of 5)

TimandEric (3 of 5)

TimandEric (5 of 5)

Roger Skateboards – “Secondhand Stoke” – Tim and Eric from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Tim and Eric – Roger of the Month Mar 2010 – Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Nocember: The Gargon Files

Nocember – The Gargon Files from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

People, please do not get confused.  This isn’t about a Gorgon…this is about THEE Gargon.  You may be confused as to what such a thing may be, so let me tell you – he is friends with this guy:


This is Xydar.  Xydar is a traveler.  He’s always giving Star Fleet the hardest time.  Gargon is his homeboy who lives in the 2nd dimension, this is an artist’s rendition of Gargon:


This skating movie is about Gargon and his files.  It is up to you to interpret what exactly the journey is about and what the files may contain.  On the surface this may appear to be simply a film about skateboarding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but there is more to it.  Much more to it.

Finally, the creator of this adventure is long time skating fanatic Gabe Chan.  Here is an artist’s rendition of Gabe:


As a final bookend, this a series of interviews Blake Van Egeren did with Gabe about the creation of Nocember: The Gargon Files.  They are filled with all sorts of trivia and goofs.  Much recommended.

The Trials and Tribulations of Dadcam

The DadCam Video from Blake Van Egeren on Vimeo.
When we were kids we filmed our friends skateboarding on our Dad’s camera, and for some of us we had our Dad film us skating. The idea behind DadCam is simple, no pressure, no missions just capture what occurs. Sometimes we remembered to bring Dadcam, sometimes we forgot. Sometimes the battery was dead. Sometimes the camera did not work. But the bottom line is Dadcam is finally here for your enjoyment. Filmed by Drew Rickaby and Nick Mistele, Edited by Nick Mistele and Blake Van Egeren
Featuring: Nick Mistele, Drew Rickaby, Blake Van Egeren, James Brickner, Big Shits, Matt Nordness, Chase Hopper, Vince Stranc, Max Murphy, Sean Hanley, Tim and Eric, Pat Murphy, Dave Khiehl, Dane Haman, Bradford Bishop, TJ Bohach and more

BVE PODCAST EPISODE #6 Nick Mistele and Drew Rickaby on Dadcam
I recently sat down with Nick Mistele and Drew Rickaby drank a couple beers and talked about the making of Dadcam. Things get kinda sloppy towards the end.