First post: Polaroid dump

  • updated: HI, I got a new scanner so I rescanned all these ­čÖé

Hello, Friends!

Thanks, Josh, for allowing me the opportunity┬áto share some of these photos on the site! I began attempting to document some of the shenanigans of my favorite Milwaukee trolls almost as soon as I settled into the city back in 2012…

Here’s one of the main man POPO looking appropriately christlike, whilst overseeing the carpentry/ miracle making of Estabrook construction a few years back…WWPPD?


As of late, I’ve been trying my hand at shooting Polaroids. These following images were shot mostly over the past year, all on Impossible film. I have the most fun shooting these guys, each one of them is crazy fucking talented┬áand are just genuinely good people.

I’m really grateful┬áfor all of the radical times, and this warm community of people who have welcomed me into them…

Harold holdin’ down the shop


Jimmy Brickner – Fs Wallride


Vince Stranc – Fs Smith/ 5-0 180 out


Sleepy – Fs Boardslide


Max Murphy – Boardslide


Payne Counihan – Fs 50-50


John Rock – 5-0


Max Murphy – Hubba drop


Max Murphy – Kickflip

Max Murphy – Ollie

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