“is that a juke?”

How about Josh’s last post? Pretty sicario! Reminds me of the good ‘ol wiskate posts before social media melted brains…

More of this:

Delirium Tremens Raw Footage: EP 011 from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

The tape ended a few seconds after Mistele landed that shirtless nollie 360. Of course that would happen…skating and filming…

Always wondered how the term “juke” came about, so I contacted Hanley about it…

Here’s a random Juke montage…*I didn’t consult Hanley regarding bump to bars so I left those out (although technically it could be a juke to bar…also, I left out any sort of hips *90’s hip ((or what Mikey ‘Big Shits’ Al-Wathiqui called it yesterday “80’s bank”))), freedom is what you make of it bro. I’d love to see a normal civilian decipher this jargon without a key, if a girl knew 50% of this lingo I’d probably get a boner.

Juke Mix from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

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